More and more enterprises are now relying on third party suppliers for testing critical business applications. In the wake of ever-changing market trends, SL Techknow emerges as service providers that not only guarantees access to top-of-the-line capabilities but also ensures flexibility. SL Techknow rolls out unique testing solutions to help businesses focus on their core competencies while allowing them to enjoy the level of testing they need, right when they need it.

Our qualified testing specialists transition software from the initial to the final stage of development by positioning it along a series of test cases serving as check points. SL Techknow develops reliable and scalable test plans that translate into enhanced quality of end-product, while accomplishing faster delivery times and significantly short development life cycles.

SL Techknow’s experience across the diverse spectrum of functional and non-functional testing types results in improved user experience as we bring leading-edge skills and practices to address any and every testing problem. SL Techknow maximizes your profit margins because we align our competencies with your needs on a plane where quality is doubled.

Test Hard And Smart!

SL Techknow is your ideal alternatives to automated testing. SL Techknow helps you reduce risks and costs while simultaneously improving outcomes. It’s high time you stop thinking about resources. Bring professionals into the picture and achieve unrivalled quality for your product.

At SL Techknow, we empower businesses with our invaluable insight for testing so as to allow products to survive the technologically competitive environment. With years of hands-on testing experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, SL Techknow develops core testing solutions to help enterprises and end-users make the most of their investments.

Testing Types

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Software Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Release or Deployment Testing


  • Superior Usability
  • Out-Of-The-Box User Experience
  • Reliability
  • Performance Delivery Beyond Expectations
  • Quality Maintenance