More commonly known as LSPs in the technical world, Transportation and logistics service providers have to deal with an incredible and dynamic evolving market where customer demands are also evolving and rising daily. In order to survive and not just survive but also thrive successfully, these companies must be flexible, well informed and completely cost-effective. Since this industry is all about people and the processes that are supposed to be executed across areas that drive corporate profitability, there is needed a way for these companies to stay abreast of competition.

This is where we come in, by helping LSPs to empower their employees and enhance their working processes with ready, real-time information which will enable all aspects of the operation to work together and thus deliver more and more profitable services.

Management of transportation systems that include locomotives, aircraft, trucks, ships and even railway tracks, is an area with huge scope for improvement. Better management of spare parts and technical processes will be beneficial, as well as maintaining a proper schedule; this means saving a load of costs overall, including saving up on unnecessary fuel costs due to excess transportation. We ensure that LSPs are equipped with these technologies and necessary flexibility to make better business decisions, and whatever changes in operations that might be needed and eventually save up on excess costs.

Here’s what we offer, since information accessibility is the key to sustainable growth:

  • Improved Asset Management – By maximizing the value of vehicles and their equipments via a holistic, end-to-end view of assets that stretch from maintenance, finance to operations, we provide better results, quicker availability and lower costs.
  • Implementation of a Complete Life-cycle Process – We ensure that the entire order lifecycle has been implemented with a 360 degree view of what the customer expects; ensuring lesser obstacles, disputes and improved DSO.
  • Transforming the IT Platform – Old systems are expensive to maintain, outdated and hinder profitability. We offer the best modernized IT platforms to LSPs, resulting in increased information access and better collaboration across all business units, operations and customer bases.