Development and growth has occurred in the Industrial machinery world with the advent of newer improved technology; leading IMC (Industrial machinery and components) manufacturers are beginning to see the benefits of collaborating with the value chain in order to develop new means of revenue and thus want to provide complete functional and turnkey solutions of greater value to customers.

The best way to achieve this is by leveraging the uses of SAP solutions and integrating the same into daily business practices and transforming Industrial manufacturers from just product suppliers to solution providers. Our SAP solutions provide IMC companies with a vision, a strategy and a large number of applications that will assist them in transforming to next generation service providers. At SL Techknow, we provide SAP solutions that are innovative and sure to help the company transform itself quickly, easily and most of all, cost-effectively. We offer all required architecture, platforms and supporting technologies needed to administer all the processes of running a profitable organization. Our SAP solutions help you to invest in five distinct areas; applications, analytics, enterprise, cloud computing, mobility and Big Data and most of all, they will help you with the following areas:

  • R&D/Engineering – We provide you with accelerated time that will help in marketing of products with improved and integrated collaboration functionalities.
  • Sales – Improving customer satisfaction by providing highly configurable, value-added solutions is also a part of our SAP solutions.
  • Supply Chain – We ensure that the supply chain moves faster and more efficiently with better collaboration across numerous locations and various companies as well.
  • Manufacturing – Gaining complete visibility and reduction of production costs by a long shot is also an important aspect that we look into.
  • Aftermarket Service – And most importantly, we provide solutions that will help in maximizing profitability by providing performance-based services along with the original equipments in doing so.