Recruiting isn't only about filling up the open positions. It’s actually about understanding your goals so that you can find the best people to help change your business. At SL Techknow, we dig as much deep as possible to learn out about your company’s culture, competitive setting and ideal candidates. Fortified with this information, our team develops and executes a recruiting strategy, which gets results.

As a part of our services, we perform a competitive, thorough analysis, gathering market’s information about your own business, competition and required candidates. Our investigation includes average salary for your perfect candidates, where the candidate is working currently and a lot more. This helps find the best candidates who can help your business flourish. Whatever level of help you need, we provide a range of services of every level to help you employ the best talents, including:

  • Recruitment Procedure Outsourcing – Our whole team becomes your business recruiting department, taking all your recruiting responsibility.
  • Direct Hire – Our Company’s recruiters find out, interview, screen and get the finest candidates for you as per your requirements.
  • Sourcing Service – We help you to find qualified and hidden candidates in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Consulting – We also help you to align your organization’s development goals with your company’s human capital approach
  • Technology – Streamline your recruiting procedure and manage your candidates’ pool with our revolutionary applicant tracking system.


  • A premier consulting organization based out of Bangalore
  • Professional approach to positioning talents
  • Expertise in the use of SAP and IT
  • Demonstrate unbridled passion for process, quality, work and time
  • Talent hunt campaign constructed as per client needs

As we seamlessly attract individuals with competence and experience, our clients enjoy needed results from their talent hunt always. We channel our power in the correct direction to reshape our client’s workforce and bang every level of resources in order to play a crucial role in any organization’s growth. By using a range of technological innovations to our advantage, we proudly drive progress in the way individuals are hired.