When it comes to large-scale construction projects, they are both risky and immensely complex. This is why they require a fully integrated platform that supports the entire construction work-cycle; meaning that all aspects of engineering, construction and operations (EC&O) need to be looked after while managing real-time projects, avoiding risks and most of all, staying abreast of competition.

The incessant competitive demands for faster completion time and low cost margins end up increasing the risk, while putting immense pressure on EC&O firms, even though the company’s liquidity in the market and cash position are both vital to its growth and success. And while globalization has made things considerably easier, it has created new challenges and complexities that make it harder to communicate with vendors, customers, etc, across different language and time zone barriers. This is where SL Techknow excels in; from providing operational excellence to project visibility and efficiency that will maximize outputs while minimizing the cost overruns, we also provide returns that are extremely sustainable.

  • We know that success depends both on the ability to assess complex project requirements accurately and then respond on time, while making sure to pick up the best priced materials and hire subcontractors honing the best of skills and experience. In addition, all of this is done at the right price too!
  • We also help you to produce the most accurate, timed and profitable bids, keeping in mind the more sophisticated techniques that combine your company’s requirements with those of your trade partners.
  • However, most of all, we make sure that you, as a company, are not only able to collaborate with key stakeholders, but also able to do so via real-time project information, thus strengthening your relationship with them and also providing you with the niche to remain on top.