At SL Techknow, we offer different offshore relationship development models for the Independent Software vendors like in Manufacturing, Healthcare, education, e-commerce, and other industries. Our top-notch services include designing, development, support and maintenance to overcome schedule and budget constraints. We have successfully completed a few Rollouts as well. We are competent in handling Implementation, maintenance & support and we upgrade projects depending on our customer’s need. Our team can help clients modernize their ERP system by adopting the most up-to-date version of this particular service enabled ERP applications from SAP. The SAP ERP 6 offers lots of benefits including industry specific improvements, better business functionality, easier process integration and increased user productivity. We are always ready to help clients implement the Enhancement Package which accompany the SAP ERP 6.

Our services consist of:

  • Implementation
  • Upgrade
  • Rollout
  • Functional Testing
  • Validation/Compliance

SL Techknow Offshore Development & rollout service is conceptualized uniquely to meet all your product’s development requirements in an extremely cost effective way. The main aim of our offshore development service is to help expand your operations easily with the assistance of dedicated teams. Our team is fully owned as well as managed by you, our client. Our entire focus will be on offering a high quality offshoring experience depending on cultural alignment and transparency.

SL Techknow facilitates in establishing the team with right expertise and talent in different software engineering domains. In addition, we help you to recruit niche talent, trained particularly to work in distributed products development environment. Our Offshore Development & Rollout allows you to meet all your product development aims at minimal operational costs and time. We ensure that our team is established with minimal lead time and you’ve complete control to managing the whole team at each stage of the product’s life cycle.